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We are Bitmedia Charity Fund, crypto enthusiasts willing to protect Ukrainian families and reunite victims with their families. Our community is made up of unique volunteers, including crypto entrepreneurs and activists.

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What we do

Our plans

The Bitmedia Fund's goal is to gather donations from all across the world, which is critical in the current scenario. We utilize donations and our own funds to acquire supplies, medication, and other necessities for refugees and those who have lost their homes.

In addition, we aim to obtain medical and humanitarian supplies for the most afflicted areas in Ukraine's east, as well as to begin supplying vehicles for evacuation purposes. Nonetheless, we are continuing to engage in negotiations with other organizations and institutions in order to have a stronger impact on the initiative.

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What we have done so far

For the time being, we have donated our own cryptocurrencies and purchased medicine, supplies, and several vehicles in Europe. The aid and vehicles have already arrived in Ukraine and are on their route to the most impacted districts, where they are desperately needed. The cars are fully stocked and ready to go.

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What we do

Bitmedia Fund was initiated to give immediate assistance and support in the face of a severe and unforeseeable catastrophe in Ukraine. Today, Ukraine's sovereign nation is confronted with the most heinous and disastrous situation — a barbaric invasion. Crypto enthusiasts at Bitmedia's Fund are reacting by giving crucial supplies and raising the voices of all Ukrainians and crypto communities around Ukraine.

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Why are we doing it?

While Russian missiles demolish Ukrainian schools, kindergartens, and maternity facilities, we are doing everything we can to assist refugees and civilians on the front lines. As a result, we plan to provide medical supplies, vehicles, and refugee assistance on a regular basis across Ukraine.

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Our updates

This thread will include a list of all of our activities that we have accomplished in terms of aid, shelter and refugee help or are about to release.

We are planning to deliver humanitarian aid like food, medications, hygiene products, and healthcare products, as well as work with organisations and volunteer groups to distribute humanitarian help throughout Ukraine, including places under siege or attack.

If you want to keep up to date, please join us.

Who we are

The Team behind initiative

Tanya Petrusenko

Blockchain Enthusiast, Crypto Researcher, BizDev at Bitmedia.IO

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Matvey Diadkov

Serial Entrepreneur, Initiator of Bitmedia Fund, CEO at Bitmedia

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Veronika Perebyinis

Crypto enthusiast and active volunteer, PMO at Bitmedia and Bitmedia Fund

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Kyryl Bormin

Volunteer & Fund PR, B2B Communications at Bitmedia

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Oleksandr Smirnov

Member of the territorial defense force, passionate activist and crypto enthusiast

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Mikhail Protsenko

IT Volunteer & Blockchain enthusiast, CTO at Bitmedia

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